Sunday, November 4, 2007

Santa-Saurus Revisited

Due to questions about the recent escape and the nature of the creature known as "Santa-Saurus," I've made it a priority to re-post my articles on the beast as quickly as possible. The first of such posts (from December of 2004) can be found here; others will follow shortly.

EDIT: The story continues here.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Warning to Playthings Everywhere!

Dire news today, readers. The International League of Playthings has asked all members of the Associated Action Figure Press to warn their audiences that Sikstus Seethar has escaped from captivity in the I.L.P.'s secret holding facility. Toys everywhere are asked to remain vigilant and NOT to approach Seethar if the cyborg dragon should be spotted. This image was taken by a surveillance camera in the facility and was released to the press to emphasize the truly dangerous nature of the beast (the easily-frightened may wish to avoid clicking the thumbnail below).

Scientists at the facility believe that the evil forces often at play on Halloween may have given the beast additional strength. My extensive research into the occult gives me ample reason to support that claim. Seethar was a high-ranking lieutenant in the evil army of Santa-Saurus back in 2005. Although Santa-Saurus himself (itself?) was destroyed by an elite cadre of action toys that Christmas, Seethar still remains a threat. Authorities believe he may be seeking to rebuild the Cretaceous Killer's armies in a bid for global domination. Be sure to check this blog frequently for new developments; it seems to still be stable after the recent crash.